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Downloadable Contents.

Downloadable Contents.

Special Projects
Aphs-Neo: High Productive And Flexible.
B12: More Freedom Bending.
Baykal Presentation.
Corporate Identity.
Bf 70-150: Dynamic And Highly Precise.
Bph: The Most Economical Plasma Cutting Solutions.
Bps: The Best Solution For Pipe Cutting.
Bpl-H: Twice The Productivity With Two Cutting Heads.
Bls-Neo: High Productivity - Maximum Precise.
Bpm: Flexible Processing Options.
Bpm-T: Improved Ergonomics - Dynamic And Highly Precise.
Hgl: User-Friendly Control Unit And Software.
Mgh: Easy Ergonomic Operation.
Hnc: Works Easily – Reliable Processes, High Quality.
Aphs-C: Customized To Meet Your Individual Needs.
Aphs: Improved Ergonomics, Reliable Processes And High Quality.
Aph: Economic, Ergonomic And Easy Operation.
Baykal Eye: High Processing – High Performance.
E-Bendcell: The Productive All-Purpose Bending Cell.
Bls: Highly Productive - Cost Efficient Solution